The Best Social Media Strategies for Side Hustlers – UGC, Long-Form Posts, Idea Pins & More

Sharing a new product, a website, a blog post, or even just a Tweet can be daunting to start with. You’re putting your ideas out into the big bad world where someone might shut them down. Shatter your dreams.

For years, I kept my ideas inside. They bubbled away, and many disappeared. Because I was scared.

After decades of deliberation, I finally hit publish on a blog post. A Tweet. An email.

You know what? It wasn’t perfect. In fact, if I looked back on it now, I’d probably cringe. But it also wasn’t as frightening as I’d imagined.

People responded positively. They supported the new journey I was on and gave me energy and momentum to continue forward.

What’s stopping you from sharing your side hustle with the world?
If you’ve found reason after reason for NOT starting… for NOT taking a leap…

It’s time to leave those excuses at the door.

It’s time to SHARE.

To help you out, we’ve collated the best stats and insights from the world of social media. These are the trending tactics that are working right now.

The info inside this newsletter won’t form your entire social strategy, but it will give you a leg up on the competition.

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