About Side Hustle Strategies

The inspiration for “Side Hustle Strategies” started when I was in a lot of mental pain and anguish and in the middle of trying to work out what life was all about. I was unemployed, in a mountain of debt and had lost the family home and my partner had left me. It was just an idea that I acted on. A side hustle.

I discovered and started, evolved and grew that side hustle while I was working at my day job. 

It was a passion project wrapped in inspiration and acted on in desperation. As it  grew it became my main hustle and a full time business four years into the project. Along the way I discovered the freedom it gave me both financially and emotionally as I designed my life with purpose. I built it on my terms as I stepped into the future with deliberate action. 

Then “I” fired my 9-5 job. I was now free. Ready and waiting to be “me”. And twelve years later it is still going strong. That side hustle and now my “main hustle” is Jeffbullas.com

It led to a life that I had never imagined. I was able to work when and where I wanted. I was able to travel in Europe for three months while I kept making money. I spoke at international events while my virtual and remote team did the heavy lifting and looked after the details and the mundane daily processes. Taking control of your life design means you don’t need to ask your boss for permission as they are no longer looking over your shoulder.

Many of us feel trapped by circumstances and think that you need to take big risks to change your life. Burn your bridges. Shut your eyes and leap into the void. But I discovered that the do or die approach wasn’t necessary.

And there has never been a better time to act. We now have the tools and platforms you need to succeed that are either free or low cost and easy to use. Many of them didn’t exist ten years ago.

In our digital society there is a growing appetite to start a side hustle as the uncertainty of full-time work makes it essential to have supplementary income, and de-risk your financial security. Create a life of freedom.

We want to create the best place for you to be inspired, learn and grow into your bright future and surround you with the experts, the mentors and the tools to succeed.

Now I want to share the roadmap and foundational pillars that I learned on the journey that you can use as an inspirational guide and join a community that will support you. 

It’s called the Freedom Code. 

I’ve refined this framework from years of trial and error and I’m now able to distill it in an easy-to-understand format that places the control back in your hands.

What are the 5 pillars of the “Freedom Code” that provide the foundation for Side Hustle Strategies? 

My vision with the Freedom Code’s 5 pillars is to provide the inspiration, foundations, resources and community to start and grow your own side hustle and write your own life script. 

Pillar 1: Discover 

Discovering your life purpose and why you are on this planet means discovering your gift. As Steven Spielberg reflected. “It is just a whisper and never shouts”. This means you will need to consume, observe and quietly reflect and listen to the whisper. There is no template and no exact formula for this but there are some life habits and tactics that will help you in this discovery phase. We encourage side hustlers to start a business built upon their passionate purpose.

Pillar 2: Create 

Once you’ve settled on the topic area then it’s time to do the work. And create. This will be about what product, service or even art you are going to create and sell. This will require you to choose how you are going to create and the resources needed to do that. This is where you go from an idea to action.

Pillar 3: Share

You then need to share your creation with the world and that means getting your content and products and services in front of people. Here are some ways to do that. Social media, email marketing, search engines (SEO), influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more. When you share your creation the world will change you and you will change the world. It will also validate your idea and give you the feedback you need to evolve and grow.

Pillar 4: Monetize

You also need to find out if the world will pay you for your creation, art or products and services. Sustaining the sharing of your gift and amplifying your purpose means that you will need to get paid. Sales. What are the different business models in a modern digital economy? And there are many!

Pillar 5: Amplify

To accelerate and get traction for sales and revenue then you need to amplify. You do this after you have launched and validated your idea and there are many ways to do that. These include Facebook advertising, Google advertising, Instagram advertising, and paid influencer marketing. 

Who are we?

SideHustleStrategies.co is a product of Jeffbullas.com devoted to helping people grow their companies with digital and social media marketing, read by over 35 million people since we launched in 2009. The website and blog was originally a passion project that started as a side hustle. 

That side hustle became my main hustle and is now a full time business. Since then we have launched “The Jeff Bullas Show” Podcast and YouTube channel that has more than 1 million viewers. Along the way, I discovered the freedom it gave me both financially and how I designed and lived my life. 

After experiencing that freedom I wanted to help others get control of their life. That is where the inspiration started for creating SideHustleStrategies.co.

Our hope for you

  • To give you permission to dream for a better future. 
  • To crystallize that into an actionable idea.
  • To start.
  • To join a community of fellow “side hustlers.”
  • To rise and thrive.