How Affiliate Marketers Make Money

How Affiliate Marketers Make Money

Can you really make money without any products?

Heck yes you can! It’s called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when businesses recruit individuals to promote their products or services to their own audience to receive a commission.

As an affiliate you get a commission for each purchase someone makes on the company’s website using a unique link or coupon code associated with you.

In other words, it’s a joint partnership between you (the affiliate) and a business.

In this week’s newsletter, we are going to delve into why affiliate marketing is such a powerful side hustle and the different ways in which you can engage with audiences to build a lucrative income stream.

Using Instagram Reels to Market your Side Hustle

Using Instagram Reels to Market Your Side Hustle

A side hustle can live or die by the way it engages with social media channels and platforms.

After all, for a business to grow you have to meet people where they are. But just making an account and posting away won’t do you much good. You have to know what type of content people AND the platform you are using want.

Take my experience with Instagram, for example.

The first time I tried making an effective Instagram account for a side hustle, I found that I wasn’t getting a lot of engagement even when I followed all the best practices I knew.

The reason? I wasn’t following Instagram’s game.

You see, for your account to really take off you have to play along with the IG algorithm.

And for Instagram, that’s their famous reels. Once you start getting in on the reel game, you’ll see exactly how effective they can be!

Inside this newsletter, we’ll go over why and how you should make Instagram Reels.

How to Launch an Amazon FBA Business

How to Build an Amazon FBA Business

Back in 2015, Jo and her husband decided to have a crack at building an Amazon FBA business as a side hustle.

Jo and her husband decided to start small, no huge investment, not a lot of risk. They started out by selling a simple kitchen product that seemed to be in high demand on Amazon.

The product cost less than $2 to buy and ship to Amazon. Jo and her husband then sold that product on Amazon for $15. Within a year, they’d sold over 84,000 units and cracked 7 figures in revenue.

Hot damn!

Not bad for a little side hustle.
Now you might be wondering if that type of success is still available in 2023.

In short: Heck yes it is.

That’s why in this newsletter, we’ll be giving you a step-by-step guide to starting your own Amazon FBA business.

How to Find the Next Hot Product

How to Find the Next Hot Product

If turning a profit is your main motivation for starting a side hustle, you may not be particularly concerned with what you sell, just as long as it, well, sells!

So why is it that some products fly off the virtual shelves while others gather dust?

How do you determine what the next ‘hot’ product will be?

For eCommerce stores, hot products are defined as products with the largest growth in orders period over period.

Keeping ahead of the game with what products will trend may seem complicated but we have some tips and tricks up our sleeve that will;

– Help you figure out what the next hot product will be.
– Help you identify trending niches on social media.
– Help you see what’s trending on Amazon.

In this newsletter, we’ll show you how to comfortably research online behaviors, consumer demands and trending products!

How to Grow Your Side Hustle With YouTube Ads

How to Grow Your Side Hustle with YouTube Ads

Did you know that people worldwide, from the US to Africa watch 1 billion+ hours of video on YouTube on any given day?

Of this number, 70% purchased a product after viewing its ad on the platform.

And contrary to popular perception, YouTube isn’t a social media platform… It’s actually a search engine, like Google.

The second-largest in the world, in fact. It handles 3 billion+ searches per month. That’s more than the combined searches on Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and Ask.

Mind-blowing, right?

But why are those statistics relevant to you, as a side hustler?

Well, they are telling signs that YouTube is an effective platform for marketing any kind of brand or business, whether you’re selling products or offering freelance services.

How? Two words: YouTube ads.

If you’re looking to grow your side hustle or dream of someday ditching your 9-5 for it, YouTube ads maybe your best ride to get there.

There are many different types of advertisements on YouTube, as well as strategies that can help you get the most out of each one.

And that’s what we’ll talk about in this newsletter!

The Top Side Hustle Growth Hacks

The Top Side Hustle Growth Hacks

Having a side hustle can be extremely rewarding…

It gives you extra money to pay your bills or spend on really cool stuff. You get to meet awesome people, too. Best of all, you get to do your thing without a boss breathing down your neck.

However, it comes with its challenges!

Is your side hustle something you see doing long-term? And if you decide to do it full-time, is it possible to turn it into a business?

Taking a side hustle to the next level is not easy, especially if you don’t have the budget to turn it into a legitimate business. But you can explore various growth hacks that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Side hustle growth hacks can range from easy (DIY-level) to tricky (need-more-study-and-practice-level), but all of them are worth at least exploring. While some “growth hacks” may be doable or even easy to accomplish, it still requires focus and dedication to truly grow your side hustle.

Keep reading to discover the latest side hustle growth hacks, trends, and tools.

The Cheapest Platforms for Driving Traffic (#1 Will Surprise You 😲 )

The Cheapest Platforms for Driving Traffic

Launching your side hustle is a big achievement… don’t get me wrong.

But what happens next?

The real work starts when the wheels hit the road and the grind begins. That’s when your idea sinks, swims, or even worse – floats on the surface going nowhere.

So while starting is courageous, learning how to grow your side hustle is the rewarding part.

It’s time to start accelerating your reach and accessing a wider audience. Traffic is the growth lever of your side hustle that puts your idea in front of more of the right people.

To help you amplify your side hustle, we’ve gathered the most important stats, insights, and tactics from the world of digital business growth. These are the trending tactics working right now – not an entire growth strategy.

Disclaimer: Be warned… you have to spend a little money to reap the rewards. “Organic” growth is slow and, to be honest, a MYTH. No business has gone from side to main hustle without investing money in marketing.

The Best Social Media Strategies for Side Hustlers - UGC, Long-Form Posts, Idea Pins & More!

The Best Social Media Strategies for Side Hustlers – UGC, Long-Form Posts, Idea Pins & More

Sharing a new product, a website, a blog post, or even just a Tweet can be daunting to start with. You’re putting your ideas out into the big bad world where someone might shut them down. Shatter your dreams.

For years, I kept my ideas inside. They bubbled away, and many disappeared. Because I was scared.

After decades of deliberation, I finally hit publish on a blog post. A Tweet. An email.

You know what? It wasn’t perfect. In fact, if I looked back on it now, I’d probably cringe. But it also wasn’t as frightening as I’d imagined.

People responded positively. They supported the new journey I was on and gave me energy and momentum to continue forward.

What’s stopping you from sharing your side hustle with the world?
If you’ve found reason after reason for NOT starting… for NOT taking a leap…

It’s time to leave those excuses at the door.

It’s time to SHARE.

To help you out, we’ve collated the best stats and insights from the world of social media. These are the trending tactics that are working right now.

The info inside this newsletter won’t form your entire social strategy, but it will give you a leg up on the competition.

How to Monetize Your Side Hustle – Tips, Strategies, and Tools

How to Monetize Your Side Hustle – Tips, Strategies, and Tools

Most of us want to start a side hustle to bring in some more money. But how do you translate your side hustle idea into a profitable moneymaking machine?

There are a gazillion different ways to make money online. And what works for some side hustles may not work for others.

This is why you need to take a closer look at the trending business models that other hustlers are using to successfully generate cash from their side hustles.

And we reveal the top monetization methods inside this very newsletter.