Starting a Side Hustle? Top Strategies to Rediscover Your Passion

This week we’re introducing you to Ange de Lumiere, a former corporate lawyer who took a leap of faith to become a spiritual business mentor.

Now, I know this might raise a few eyebrows for some of you, but stay with me because we’re about to dive deep into the extraordinary power of tapping into our supernatural consciousness.

Ange’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. She dedicated 15 years of her life to the demanding world of corporate law before embarking on a remarkable side hustle that transformed her entire perspective on life and business.

What makes her story even more intriguing is her unique approach to entrepreneurship—she managed to build her thriving side hustle by dedicating just one day a week to her business for years.

Today, Ange is here to share her invaluable insights and experiences with those who aspire to create their own successful side businesses.

Her website, ‘The Intuitive Revolution,’ is a testament to her dedication to helping others harness the power of intuition in the world of business.

Get ready to be inspired and gain valuable wisdom from Ange’s incredible journey from corporate lawyer to spiritual business mentor.

Let’s dive into the secrets of her success and uncover the transformative potential of embracing intuition in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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