The Art of Selling on Amazon: Sophie Howard’s Winning Formula for Success

While on maternity leave, Sophie realized that she didn’t want to return to full-time work.

The ardent desire to stay at home to care for a new expanded family led Sophie to explore home-based side hustle options.

With the popularity of internet businesses on the rise, Sophie enrolled in an Amazon Private Label Selling course.

While the course offered solid information, the advice to start by selling inexpensive popular items in China didn’t make sense to her. So she ignored that advice and instead followed her own instincts. Sophie sourced and invested in a handmade product from Nepal.

Her gamble paid off and through strategic branding efforts and leveraging the skills she gleaned from her time in the workforce, Sophie sold $1 million in products during her first year in business, which is pretty awesome if you ask us!

After the success of her first product, Sophie launched over 400 items and sold her first Amazon business for seven figures. Over the following two years, she established and scaled multiple Amazon businesses. She founded and sold an organic tea business, Higher Tea, for multiple six figures in U.S. dollars.

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